Off-grid Storage System

Off-grid home energy storage, portable
Supports 6 sets of battery expansion
Plug-and-play, easy to install, cost saving
Module design for easy maintenance
Energy density and safety
Long standby time
UPS function
Compatible with multi-charging methods
Support storage and use


AC Input:90Vac-132Vac/60HZ
DC Input:11V-72V(Max1300W)
AC Output:120Vac/60HZ
DC Output:PD100W*2, QC3.0, USBA
AC Conversion Efficiency:90%
Battery Pack:3100Wh
Cycle life:3000 times
Operating Temperature:Charge: 0~40℃
Discharge: -10~40℃
Weight:host 10kg, Battery pack 29kg
Charging Time:<2.5hrs(AC input)
<36hrs(Car port input)
<3.5hrs(solar input 1300W)
Size(L*W*H):Master: 448(L)*258(W)*185(H)
Battery Pack: 448(L)*277(W)*251(H)