Core Values

Be Modest, Create Value, Chase Dreams


Be Modest

Manage family affairs and start a career with diligence

Self-cultivate morality and virtues with frugality

Treat others with reverence and great respect

Forgive others with a generous and kind heart


Create value, Realize value

Create value for users

Create wealth for society

Create Benefits for partners

Create opportunities for employees

Create return for shareholders


Chase Dreams

Huntkey Dream: To be a respected enterprise

Our Dream: work towards a common goal then make self-achievements


To be a respected enterprise


Based on electronic power technology, focus on power supply, energy storage, and heat dissipation industries, promote technological progress, and lead the low-carbon development of the industry

Management Philosophy

Customer-centric, value-oriented

Set up platforms, attract talents, make progress together

Talent Concept

Identify, cultivate, motivate and retain talents

Behavioral Guidelines

Task-oriented and take main responsibility. Perform as promised and make all-out efforts

Working Codes

There should be obeying no breaking laws and rules

There should be credibly developing no counterfeiting

There should be genuinely constructing no jerry-building

There should be integrity no cheating

There should be win-win cooperating no cutthroat competing

There should be responsibility embracing no buck-passing

There should be honestly behaving no flattering

There should be truth seeking no reality distorting

There should be self-perfection no self-satisfaction

There should be keep fighting no surrendering