215KWh C&I ESS with Liquid Cooling

1. Direct contact liquid cooling system:≤3°C temperature difference between battery cell
2. Enables independent, stable power supply when combined with PV system
3. Compact design, highly integrated
4. Enhanced data management through data synchronized with EMS

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Nominal Energy215KWh
Nominal Voltage768V
Capacity per Cluster280Ah
Amount of Cluster1 cluster
Operating Voltage Range680V~840V
AC Output
AC Rated Power30KW/50KW/100KW
Rated VoltageAC400V, 3P4W+PE
Rated Frequency50Hz/60Hz
Maximum Output Current270A
Power Factor1lagging-1leading
Maximum Harmonic Current<3%(Rated output power)
Insulation MethodNo insulation transformer required
General parameter
Dimensions (L*W*Hmm)1280*1000*2400
IP GradeIP54
Operating Temperature Range-20%℃~55℃
Operating Altitude<3000m
CoolingLiquid cooling
Fire Fighting SystemAerosols/Perfluorohexanone/Heptafluoropropane
CommunicationEthernet, Modbus TCP/IP
CertificationIEC 62933, 1EC62619, GB_T36558

215KWh C&I ESS with Liquid Cooling Specification.pdf