Full protection function, safe and reliable performance, high efficiency and energy saving, half-load conversion efficiency > 92%, full-load conversion efficiency > 91%, the charger uses a color LCD touch screen as the display carrier, and the display content includes working modes (manual charging, automatic charging) , charging current, battery pack voltage and fault alarm information, etc. This product is mainly used in the field of AGV.

Application Field:



rated power:3600W
input voltage:176-264Vac
input current:≤25A
operating frequency range:47-63Hz
output voltage:0-29.2Vdc
output current:120A
voltage regulation accuracy:≤±1%
ripple and noise:≤400mVp-p
protection:input undervoltage, input overvoltage, input current limit, output overvoltage, output overcurrent, output short circuit, over temperature protection
operating temperature:air temperature: -20-45℃
storage temperature:air temperature: -20-85℃
IP rating:IP20
cooling method:forced air cooling
application field:AGV