The EMC Laboratory of Huntkey Testing Center Has Passed the Capability Verification of Radiation Disturbance Field Intensity (30MhZ-1ghz) of National Institute of Metrology, China

Time: 2022-06-29
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On June 23, 2022, EMC Laboratory of Huntkey Testing Center received the Notice of "Capability Verification Plan Result" issued by National Institute of Metrology, China. The notice shows that the result of the capability verification plan is satisfactory. At this point, more than a year of ability verification successfully ended.

The EMC laboratory of Huntkey Testing Center has passed the capability verification of Radiation disturbance field intensity (30MhZ-1ghz) of China National Institute of Metrology .jpg

In order to investigate the detection capability of radiation disturbance field intensity (30MHZ-1ghz) at EMC testing division of Huntkey Testing Center, and knowing the difference between the test results of Huntkey Radiation Laboratory and many domestic 3M method anechoic chamber, EMC participated in the radiation disturbance Field intensity (30MHZ-1ghz) test capability verification program organized by the Chinese National Institute of Metrology on January 14, 2021. A total of 22 laboratories signed up for this competency verification program.

The samples planned this time are physical samples -- Standard comb signal generator, including one Cg-515 comb signal generator (Frequency range: 30MHz-1GHz; Frequency interval: 1MHz/5MHz; Sample No. : 291322), one transmitting antennas, one power adapter. The test is based on GB9254-2008, the quasi-peak value of vertical polarized radiation disturbance field intensity at 10 frequency points required by this plan was measured in the anechoic chamber using the radiation disturbance field intensity test and measurement system.