Desktop Air Purifier

Model: DJ010
Input: 5V/2A (Min. 4.6V, Max. 5.5V)
Rated Power: 8W
Standby: <200mW
Noise Level (Max.): 38dB(A)
Air Volume: 10cbm/h (Max.)
Applicable Space: 8-10cbm
Dimensions: Φ108*160mm
Integrated with non-consumable photocatalyst filters that can effectively and eco-friendly decompose airborne hazards.
Removes a wide range of air pollutants like chemical vapors, odors, smokes, dust.
Works as a sterilizer and disinfector by killing bacteria and viruses like influenza virus, E. coli and Staphylococcus albicans.
Works as an ionizer by releasing negative ions to sedimentate dust, PM2.5 and other particulate matters, in the mean time, negative ions are good for health.
Stylishly designed and can be easily controlled via one switching button, the grille-shaped air outlet can be adjusted up and down.
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