Comply with IEC/EN60950 and GB4943.1-2011 safety standards
Ultra-thin size, high current density, circuit integration, low ripple, low noise, high efficiency, strong anti-EMI interference, high impedance
CLASS B or above insulation
Voltage range: 90-264V
Output Power: 120W
Efficiency: Can reach 98%-99%
Suitable for fast chargers, tablets and other digital products


Output: 20V/6A

Power: 120W

Efficiency: above 98%

Primary inductance: 265-285uH

Primary DCR: ≤230mΩ

Dielectric strength: 4KV/1mA/5s

Insulation resistance: at DC500V≥100MΩ

Test Conditions: 10KHz/0.5V

Dimensions(L*W*H): 53.0*22.9*16.5mm