In compliance with GB 9628-88,IEC 723-4,QC 250300 standards;
Utilizing high magnetic induction but low consumption material, high operation frequency, current and power output, high Q value, low consumption, stable temperature performance;
Widely used in program-control exchanger, LCDs, high-power UPS inverters, PC power supplies and a variety of small electronic devices;


Operating Frequency: 100KHz

Power: 750W

Efficiency: 85%

Primary Indutance: 220uH

Primary DCR: ≤90mΩ

Dielectric Strength: 0.75KV/1mA/5s

Insulation Resistance: at DC500V≥100MΩ

Testing Condition: 50KHz/0.25V

Dimensions(L*W*H): 38.5*24*45mm