In compliance with IEC/EN60335-2-29 safety standards;
Low ripples, low noise, high Q value, low leakage inductance, low radiation;
High anti-interference performance, low distributed capacitance, impedance and transmission attenuation, reliable construction, changeable inductance;
Insulation class B or above;
Voltage range: 90-264V;
Efficiency level above 90%;
Available for home appliance products;


Operating Frequency: 100KHz

Output: 65W

Efficiency: 85%

Primary Indutance: 460uH

Leakage Inductance: <12uH

Primary & Secondary Dielectric Strength: 4KV/1mA/5s

Insulation Resistance: at DC500V≥100MΩ

Testing Condition: 50KHz/0.25V

Dimensions(L*W*H): 32*31*16mm