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Huntkey Won the "National Famous Brand of Guangdong Province"


The second Award Ceremony of "National Famous Brand of Guangdong Province" was held in Shenzhen Poly Theater on Nov.21st, 2014, jointly organized by Guangdong Province Industrial Cooperation Association, Southern Press Media Group, Guangdong Television, Tecent, Shenzhen Press Group. Huntkey won the honor of "National Famous Brand of Guangdong Province" with 63 enterprises including CIMC and Galanz, from over one thousand enterprises.

Fig.1 Medal of "National famous brand of Guangdong Province"

As a commonweal, professional, socialized awards event, the selection activity went through expert on-site assessment, CCVI appraisal, notarization by Notary Office, public notice and a series of rigorous, fair and just links.

Fig.2 The national famous brand enterprises of Guangdong province

Fig.3 Huntkey and other winner enterprises were accepting the prize

Fig.4 All winning brand representatives were swearing an oath

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