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Heyuan Polytechnic School Held the 2014 "Huntkey Class" Opening Ceremony


The 2014 "Huntkey Class" Opening Ceremony of Heyuan Polytechnic School was held in the school lecture hall on Oct.23, 2014.Vice president of the school Zhu Shide, Chief of Department of enrollment and employment Xie Xiaoqing, Huntkey HR Department Fan Yonggang and all students of "Huntkey Class" attended the ceremony.

Fig.1 At the site of the opening ceremony

This "Huntkey Class" admitted more than 200 students, whose main subjects are Electronic application, Computer network and Numerical control technology and application. After 3-years' study, they will come to Huntkey for internships and jobs.

Vice president of the school Zhu Shide summarized the achievements of both in the past year. Huntkey colleague Fan Yonggang told career development planning and growth path to the students. Both school and enterprise hope long-term cooperation.

Fig.2 Huntkey colleague Fan Yonggang        Fig.3 Vice president Zhu Shide

Fig.4 All students of the 2014 Heyuan Polytechnic School "Huntkey Class"

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