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Hunan University Founded Teaching Practice Base and Graduate Internship Base in Huntkey (Shenzhen) Park


The Awarding Ceremony of Hunan University Undergraduate/Graduate Internship Base was held in Huntkey (Shenzhen) Park on Oct.26th, 2013., the dean of the College of Information Science and Engineering, Hunan University, Lin Yaping, the secretary of the party committee Yang Zongwang, the dean of Shenzhen Graduate School, Li Liming, Huntkey President Luo Wenhua and Huntkey Executive President Liu Maoqi attended the ceremony. Dean Lin Yaping and secretary Yang Zongwang awarded for Huntkey. Huntkey (Shenzhen) Park Officially became "Hunan University Teaching Practice Base" and "Hunan University Graduate Internship Base".

Recent years, close communication has been kept between Huntkey and Hunan University. More than 500 Undergraduates and graduates interns of Hunan University have come to Huntkey. Hunan University set Huntkey (Shenzhen) Park as a teaching point of master of software engineering class. Meanwhile, both sides have a number of projects in the field of applications and R&D of power electronics.

Fig.1 Hunan University leaders awarded for Huntkey

Fig.2 Group photos

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