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Governor of Guangdong Province Huang Huahua Visited Huntkey (Heyuan) Industrial Park


On May 7th, 2008, Huang Huahua, the member of 17th CPC Central Committee and governor of Guangdong Province, accompanied by other government leaders, came to Huntkey (Heyuan) Industrial Park to invest the construction site. After listening to the reports by Heyuan Municipal Party Committee Secretary, Mayor, Yuancheng Party Committee Secretary and Huntkey President Mr. Luo Wenhua, Huang gave high praise to the work of Heyuan in intrducing the business and fund.  Also, Huang said that he looked forward to Huntkey's future development.

Fig.1 Governor Huang Huahua and Huntkey President Luo Wenhua

Fig.2 Huntkey (Heyuan) Industrial Park under construction

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